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It has been said that no one ever drowned in sweat--we put that to the test! At Elements, we’re known for bringing it when it comes to training and motivating our students. We will fuel your desire for results and drive you to achieve your goals.

If you're looking for:

  • · Physical drive and mental stimulus
  • · An innovative way to get in shape
  • · The camaraderie of a new community
  • · Disciplined training to develop your full potential
  • · A fierce, balanced, exciting challenge

Then Elements Athletics is for you!

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jiu jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Proven time and again in both street fights and the cage, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is the most dominant form of self defense on the planet. Learn self defense and become prepared for realistic situations with the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in an engaging group class setting.

Our BJJ classes are inclusive and unintimidating, and this approach is taken applies to drills, as well as live rolling and sparring. You’ll train with a partner in techniques while benefiting from a motivating workout. Learn how to think clearly under stress while developing functional motor skills, strength, and cognitive awareness.

muay thai

Muay Thai

Known also as Thai Boxing, Muay Thai (MT) is a dynamic and high-impact martial art reared over centuries in its birthplace of Thailand. It’s since been adopted and popularized in the West, and for good reason; its use of punches, kicks, knees and elbows, and grappling has proven to be highly effective in hand-to-hand military combat.

Muay Thai is deeply rooted as Thailand's national sport. It's gained exponential notoriety in the U.S. over the past few decades and its speed, conditioning, balance, poise and power has been greatly utilized as a striking tool in MMA. These attributes have been well implemented in the fitness arena, proven to shed weight, increase aerobic capacity, and sculpt physique.



Budokon is to move primal.

Discover our Budokon (BDK) classes! Developed by Cameron Shayne, these classes are bodyweight only. Learn movement training by stalking like a panther, walking like a crocodile, inverting, and rolling. Express your wild, inner core. Explore this combination of yoga, martial arts, and meditation fused into a complete body workout that will leave you feeling zen'd out!


Budokids is a hybrid program that incorporates yoga, meditation, and jiu jitsu. Children learn to put for their best effort and strive for success while also embracing humility, courtesy, and respect. The balance of techniques keeps kids engaged, healthy, and fit while learning self defense fundamentals.

Budokon Calisthenics

BDK Calisthenics is a tabata format class with signature Budokon moves, beginning and ending with a yoga flow.



Vinyasa Yoga

Share in the transformative benefits of yoga at our Elements studio. No matter your generation or fitness level, yoga conditions the body and mind for long-term health. Our yoga classes will stimulate your well-being to help promote a balanced lifestyle, as well as relieve stress, build strength, quiet the mind, and enliven the body.


Acroyoga is offered at Elements for an additional charge of $25 per class, or $220 for 10 classes.



Capoeira is both a Brazilian martial art and also a cultural experience. It was created by African slaves in Brazil as a form of self-defense and a method of cultural preservation against the oppressive slave owners. It is played in a roda (circle) by two capoeiristas who exchange a spontaneous combination of kicks, offensive moves, acrobatics, and floor maneuvers. While the capoeiristas in the center of the roda engage in a dynamic and intriguing conversation, the surrounding participants who form the roda sing in chorus and clap to the rhythm played on the berimbau, a stringed bow-like instrument that leads the roda. The atabaque, pandeiro, and agogo accompany the berimbau.

Capoeira was illegal for many years until Manuel dos Reis Machado, better known as Mestre Bimba, succeeded in gaining legality for the art and opened the first capoeira academy in Salvador, in the state of Bahia.

Today, there are numerous capoeira schools throughout Brazil, many of which have branches in various countries worldwide. We are happy to welcome capoeira to Elements Athletics and encourage you to try this cultural and historic movement experience.

· Private Training ·

Do you prefer to work out independently? Are you seeking to master a particular move? Or maybe you need guidance and motivation to meeting your health and fitness goals? At Elements we have a team of highly skilled and personable professional coaches to help guide you toward your goals and aspirations. We believe that everyone has the right to physical health and wellness. No matter your starting point, we will help you to meet and exceed your goals, keeping you motivated and moving towards your full potential.

Let’s get started! Join us for a free 45 minute consultation and training. We’ll pair you with an expert coach, or come in to meet our team and choose your own compatible coach. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.